Dr Ann Brinkley founded Potrero Hill Healing Arts in 1991 to provide the local community with holistic chiropractic health care.

"There were no other chiropractors around during that time and the place was a shambles, but I knew it had that special character of charm and good feng shui under the long-neglected mess of a space!"

In 1982 Dr Brinkley decided to go to chiropractic school after a focused search in college for the right profession to help people heal from chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Slated for medical school, she knew something wasn't right about spending 36 hours/shift while learning the art of becoming a medical doctor.  Her father and mother had always gone to a chiropractor and she was quite familiar with the concept of getting regular chiropractic care for your back or joints. She grew up massaging her Dad starting when she was only 5 years old by 'walking on his back'.  He had taught her to do this from watching Japanese women while he was stationed in Japan during WWII.

While running one day during college, she tripped on an uprooted sidewalk and had a terrible fall. Dr Brinkley, not only severely sprained her ankle, but twisted and fell on her right hip.  Thinking that heat would make her low back feel better, she mistakenly slept with a heating pad that night.  Well...she couldn't even get out of bed the next morning!  A friend referred her to an older chiropractor in the area and after 3 visits, she couldn't believe that she was practically like new, "I was able to move about without hardly any pain or stiffness at all!" This 'doctor' called himself a dinosaur and was quite modest but eccentric....however, she was then sold on the fact that Chiropractic was truly the profession for her!

Dr. Brinkley graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1987 and has been practicing ever since.  She has taken many extensive courses on various aspects of healing techniques, including cranio-sacral therapy, trigger point massage therapy, movement therapy and ergonomics.  In addition, Dr. Ann has become extremely interested and experienced in treating women's health issues, including conditions of peri-menopause, menopause, adrenal stress and nutrition.  She has also practiced many forms of dance and gymnastics in past years.

Dr. Brinkley is also an artist in her spare time.  She likes to explore painting and collage mostly.  She feels that both making art and doing her chiropractic healing work use a similar type of kinesthetic creative awareness.  “In a way, I feel I am creating art when I am working on a patient’s body.  Somehow I seem to draw on the same creative force to create art or help to heal a body through touch.”  You can see some of her artwork at www.ABStudioArts.com.

Dr. Brinkley loves to garden and do yoga and take her darling dog "Scooter" out for long walks around the city, Marin and lovely Potrero Hill!