Simple changes make all the difference.” — Dr. Ann Brinkley, D. C.

  • Prevent Injury at Home or in the Workplace
  • Reduce 'Lost Work Days' Due to Joint Pain
  • Improve Posture and Energy
  • Stop Low Back Pain, Neck Pain & Inflammation
  • Reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Frozen Shoulder

Poor body mechanics are often unconscious everyday movements that can significantly add to chronic painful conditions.  These repetitive patterns, for example, while at the computer or watching TV, can become pain free given the proper instruction in how to place your body while working or doing any repetitive task.  Adjusting the ‘equipment’ to fit you, rather than you having to conform to it, will have a significant effect in how you feel at the end of your day.

Dr. Brinkley offers an ergonomic consultation to evaluate and correct your body mechanics and equipment in your home or office.  She will help you make changes, even move furniture and equipment to achieve ease of movement.  By observing you in your workspace or home environment she will correct inefficient movements and adjust improper equipment angles as well as raise or lower your chair height.  Your body will feel less stressed while sitting at the computer, standing, cleaning or reading in bed.   An evaluation will shed light on chronic conditions related to repetitive stress such as lower back or neck pain, hip pain, chronic stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome or frozen shoulder.  Dr. Brinkley can also evaluate other ergonomic traps in the kitchen, bedroom and even in your car.  For example, an adjustment of your driver's seat to properly fit your body, will make driving less aggravating to your back, neck, wrists, knees and shoulders.  Along with chiropractic care, this corrective consultation will educate you about proper body mechanics and greatly reduce the healing time for your painful condition that just hasn’t been 'going away'.

The rate for an Ergonomic Consultation is: $150/hour within San Francisco.  An additional $50 will be added to the cost of the session if traveling to other counties within the greater Bay Area.  Usually 1 - 2 hours is all that is needed for the evaluation and correction for your personal comfort.  Often, your employer will pay for the consultation (or reimburse you) and may even purchase new equipment if needed.  Remember if you're an asset to them, they'll want to keep you productive and happy!